Glimpse #91

4 Sep


Little Buddy: “Mommy! I need to go potty but I can’t.”
Mommy: “Why not?”
Little Buddy: “Because I don’t like to stop playing, I just can’t do it!”


Glimpse #88

4 Sep


Doodle: “Mom, I love you all the way to God’s chair and back because that is as far as you can go.”

Glimpse #90

28 Aug


Little Buddy: “Mommy! My Uncle Jason is hurting!”He then puts his hand over his forehead…

Apparently he has now named his forehead “Uncle Jason”

Glimpse #89

28 Aug


Doodle: “Mom, see my eyes like this (her eyes were watery) it is God filling me with joy!”

Glimpse #87

16 Mar


Doodle: “Mommy, since God is the King who is his queen? Can you please explain that to me?

Glimpse #86

14 Mar

Little Buddy: “Mommy, I like super cars.  They are suuuuper fast!”

Mommy: “Yeah, do I have a super car?”

Little Buddy: “Let me check”

Walks behind my mini van and checks out the exhaust…

Little Buddy: “No, yours not fast”

Mommy: “Does Daddy have a super car?”

Walks behind Daddy’s car and checks…

Little Buddy: “Yeah! His is super fast!”

Glimpse #85

14 Mar

In a conversation with “Daddy” about something we  were discussing and comparing our ideas.  Not completely agreeing on everything…  “Little Buddy” puts his hand on top of my hand and says: 

Little Buddy: “Mommy, I can handle this”

Mommy: “Oh, how are you going to handle it?”

Little Buddy: “Boom, Boom!”  turing his stick into a gun

Little Buddy: “There, I took care of it…”

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